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Pay rent easily

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PsiFi is your All in One Home for the Crypto Future

without all the complexity

Easy Onboarding and UI

Enjoy all your favorite features, such as no-fee purchasing of assets  similar to Robinhood and easy transferring of money to friends through Venmo, plus much more.

Enhanced Security

Say goodbye to wallet theft and more. We prioritize your safety above all else.

Built on the Web3 rails without the complexity

We make purchasing your first coins and sending money to friends smoother and more seamless than ever before.

Seamless Onboarding

Joining the global financial system has never been easier.

Expand your finances and send funds worldwide with our inherently borderless accounts.

Instant Off-ramping

Your weekly groceries,
now accepting Doge

We’ve made it seamless to exchange your digital tokens for real-world products, so you can effectively fund your life through the security of Blockchain.

Native Escrow

Buy those resale concert tickets safely with Native Escrow built-in.

Eliminate the need to trust the other party when exchanging tokens or digital assets like NFTs, IDs, collectibles, tickets, and more.

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Safely & securely split dinner, rent, or other purchases with crypto
Social Digital Wallet

As easy as Venmo, MobilePay, and Revolut but for Crypto

We make it easy to send money to friends and businesses, with lowest fees.

Earn what’s yours.

No middlemen banks – all earnings from investing your account tokens get passed to you, no brokerage fees.

Yield-Loss Protection

Insure the upside, protect against the downside!

We insure that all latent invested crypto holdings lead to a guaranteed positive outcome

Healthy Savings Preferences

From Pennies to Profit!

Make healthy savings habits part of your daily routine with PsiFi’s Healthy Savings Preferences. Choose to round up every purchase and use the pennies to fund a savings account.


Blending digital currencies and real-world expenses.

PsiFi Debit & Credit cards instantly convert your cryptocurreny holdings into fiat currency.

We offer easy off-ramping so you are always in control of where your money lives, instantly. We partner with Visa to offer truly global card off-ramping backed truly by crypto!

Tier-Based Rewards
Global Acceptance
Visa Network
Backed by crypto
Tier-based Rewards

up to 3% Cashback

Earn money from every transaction and effortlessly convert your cryptocurrency holdings for use in real-world purchases.

PsiFi’s Global Credit Scoring

Global Credit Access with Blockchain Verification

Enhance the global credit access feature by using blockchain to verify creditworthiness, enabling users to access loans or credit lines based on their crypto assets and transaction history, ensuring a secure and transparent credit system.



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Privacy & Safety

All this. And more.

Transaction Cancellation
Biometric Security
Transparent User Profiles
Real-time Transaction Monitoring
Transaction Acceptance
Multi-factor Authentication
Trustless Blockchain Backend

Backed by a trusted team of Investors & Partners

Frequently Asked

When were you founded and why?

PsiFi was founded in December 2023 with a clear vision to revolutionize the financial landscape. Our founders recognized the need for a seamless integration of cryptocurrencies with traditional financial systems, envisioning a future where financial empowerment and transparency are accessible to everyone. Driven by a passion to democratize access to financial services and harness the potential of blockchain technology, PsiFi embarked on a journey to bridge the gap between digital and traditional finance, offering innovative solutions that simplify transactions, enhance security, and foster economic empowerment on a global scale.

How can I download the app?

The MVP was finished in May, 2024. We're currently testing it with early users.
It will be publicly available in Q4, 2024.

Sign up for early access here:

What sets PsiFi apart from other cryptocurrency platforms?

PsiFi stands out from other cryptocurrency platforms by offering seamless global, instant, and free transfers between any token and blockchain network. Our renewed platform integrates the ease of use found in apps like Robinhood and Venmo with the cutting-edge features of decentralized finance (DeFi). Users can effortlessly access a wide range of financial services, ensuring they can transfer value globally without the typical constraints and fees associated with traditional finance and existing crypto platforms. Additionally, we are pioneering intent-based value transfer, allowing users to specify their desired transaction outcomes while the system handles the complexities, making the process incredibly straightforward and user-friendly.

How does PsiFi ensure the security of users' funds and data?

PsiFi never holds any customer funds (unlike large centralized platforms like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, etc.)–you own your funds at all times–prioritizes the security of users' funds and data through robust encryption protocols, secure storage solutions, and stringent authentication measures. Our platform leverages blockchain technology to ensure transparent and immutable transactions, while also implementing best practices in cybersecurity to safeguard users' sensitive information.

Does PsiFi hold my money on your platform?

No. PsiFi never holds any customer funds (unlike large centralized platforms like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, etc.)–you own your funds at all times–prioritizes the security of users' funds and data through robust encryption protocols, secure storage solutions, and stringent authentication measures.

Can you provide more details about PsiFi's global credit scoring system and its benefits?

To truly globalize finance, a universal credit scoring system is paramount. PsiFi's innovative global credit scoring system redefines credit assessment by offering a decentralized score accessible worldwide. This breakthrough democratizes financial access, empowering individuals globally to secure unsecured credit based on their digital financial footprint. By harnessing blockchain's transparency and security, PsiFi fosters trust and transparency in lending, driving greater financial inclusion and empowerment.